Frases de exito para un amigo

Frases de exito para un amigo

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Everyone faces the difficult challenge of staying motivated to reach their goals – just look at how many people start weight loss diets, lose weight and then gain it back!

How do you stay motivated and keep moving towards achieving a goal? It’s all a matter of planning things well, having realistic expectations and being persistent. Here’s what you need to do:

Be specific. It’s much easier to plan and achieve a concrete goal than a vague one. Let’s say your goal is to lose weight. That’s pretty vague. Be specific by specifying how much weight you want to lose, why, and when you want to lose it. That will help you plan how to reach the goal. It costs more and takes longer to lose 10 kg than to lose just 3, so you will need to adjust the time frame accordingly.

Write it down. Put your specific goal in writing. Then write it down again. Over and over again. Research shows that writing down a goal is part of the mental process of committing to it. Write down your goal every day so you don’t lose sight of it and to remind yourself how much you want to achieve it.

Enrique Iglesias – Para Que La Vida (She Stays)

The Gallery of images with phrases of self-improvement, in our gallery images with positive phrases, many phrases of self-improvement that will serve as inspiration and motivation for the day to day.

– Daily message: Receive a daily message of motivation, self-improvement and self-help, daily phrases full of positivism, self-improvement and motivation to share with people who are in bad times.

Enjoy this wonderful self-improvement guide and raise your self-esteem, learn to be happy, to face all situations in life and to see the positive in every difficulty and to break barriers that cross your path.

Romeo Santos – Amigo (Audio)

Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869 in British India, and devoted much of his life to commit himself to the Indian nationalist movement. Despite British rule, he always based his defense on a categorical rejection of armed struggle, establishing other peaceful methods of social protest such as the hunger strike, and spending several times in jail. This earned him the consideration of national hero. In addition, Gandhi always advocated the defense of the lower classes of society, as well as the peaceful coexistence of different religions and was one of the first people to defend vegetarianism, for rejecting outright any kind of violence or abuse against living beings. His life would end on January 30, 1948 in New Delhi, when he was assassinated by a radical Hindu related to extreme right-wing groups in India, who shot him three times while he was praying as he did every night. Gandi left a legacy in the form of thought that we remember now with the 20 quotes that everyone should know.

Phrases for my friends

Encouraging phrases to a friendEncouraging phrases to a friend: I have a thousand reasons to be happy. One of them is our friendship. TQMSurely it has happened to you that your great friend is going through a hard time, the loss of a love, a family member, what didn’t happen of a project or something as simple as a bad day. In these moments there are things you can turn to to give her Words of encouragement to move forward.

Encouraging phrases in quarantine: What every woman should know is that they are never alone.on many occasions you will need many phrases of encouragement. Find a way to turn to them and you will find the right words for that friend you love dearly. If you keep in mind your friend has something going on that makes her sad. Something that for sure has happened to us and she was there for us without exception because that is what love between friends is like.

Because that’s friendship that lasts forever. That’s the unconditional friendship that always tries to give the best of us. Even when we are going through bad times. I will be there for you my friend, I will always support you.